This Week’s Hot Spot: Aruba, baby!

By August 16, 2013Time to Share's HOT Spots

You know that picture of the desert tree on the wide stretch of white sand against a lusty turquoise expanse of ocean? That photo that translates into “Caribbean” from any language?


Photo by Ricky D. Love


Yeah, that one. That’s Aruba. It’s hot. Well, it’s warm and sunny and delightful, but it’s a super hot-spot in the timeshare industry right now.


“Duh!” You say. Of course it is. Aruba is below the hurricane belt, so you never have to worry about seasonal planning for your spur of the moment or late summer visits. Aruba takes American Dollars, ca$h, so you don’t have to convert currency! Aruba’s arid desert climate has avoids some of the oppressive humidity that you can get on other Caribbean islands. Aruba is, pretty much, perfect.


Aruba is seriously honeymoon and family friendly with outdoor activities like nature hikes, national parks, beaches, and water parks. But it will answer your party call too, with clubs and casinos alike, and its ease of access from American airports make it an in-demand destination.


Smart and market-savvy as they are, Marriott carved out a beachside view in Palm Beach, Aruba. The official timeshare name is Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club, and while surfing is to be had, so is haute cuisine, medi-spa luxury, and two & three bedroom villas from which to enjoy what Aruba has to offer.

The Aruba Surf Club properties are in demand on the timeshare resale market. So if you’re thinking about consolidating your property holdings or are tired of your yearly maintenance fees, CONTACT US so we can put you in touch with one of the many inquiring parties looking for Aruba Surf Club timeshare resales.


If you read this post and are starting to drool at the thought of owning a slice of guaranteed relaxation-vacation at Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club timeshares, well, you contact us too. Our licensed agents will walk you through your options and availability, and ensure that you get what you want.



Seriously, what could be better?

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