Las Vegas: Marriott’s Grand Chateau is HOT

By October 7, 2013Time to Share's HOT Spots

You already know why we love Vegas. Even for those of us who don’t gamble and are easily overstimulated, Las Vegas, Nevada can be a gem waiting to be unearthed. Most of the world, however, doesn’t need convincing, and are already enchanted by the city’s charm.


So for them (and now, for us) the question of Las Vegas really becomes about accommodation. And there’s no wonder why. With over 124,000 hotel rooms to choose from, it’s easy to spend hours researching or agonizing over small decisions and large prices.


Or, if you travel to Las Vegas every year, sometimes more than once, you might consider a Las Vegas timeshare. Maybe you’re attracted by the 37 local golf courses, or you come in for one of the 3,749 annual conventions held in the city. Maybe you’re in the neon light business. Maybe you just like Blackjack and late nights. Whatever your reason, if you’re in Vegas often, and you like luxury and style, here’s a hot property:


Marriott’s Grand Chateau.  The deluxe guestrooms and luxury vacation villas are steps away from a rooftop pool and stunning skyline views. And Marriott’s name guarantees a quality of excellence unequalled in the travel and accommodation business, internationally.


And especially now, as the weather is cooling off from record summer temperatures and enduring drought, Premier Timeshare Resale has seen increased interest in Marriott’s Grand Chateau on the resale market. Las Vegas aficionados are asking us for more Marriott’s Grand Chateau timeshare resales, and so we’re saying to our owners who want to sell a Marriott’s Grand Chateau, now is the time. Let us know what you have and we can appraise you (or even hand you a sales offer!) here when the fall season is underway and Las Vegas timeshare traffic is perking up.


Shop, see, learn, experience, bask, win, experience, go. Las Vegas.



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